High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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BUN, Blood Urea Nitrogen

How to lower high blood urea nitrogen naturally? Here you can find different treatment methods for elevated blood urea nitrogen due to kidney problem.

Reasons for Elevation of Urea Level

blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is often used to reflect urea level in the blood, while urea is discharged out of the body through kidneys. When it is higher than the normal range, it ind...

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What to Do with High BUN for Patients with Kidney Disease

For patients with kidney disease, they are prone to high BUN level when do examinations. In this case, what does this mean and what to do? Please see the below details: High BUN is ...

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Should I Be Concerned about High BUN Level with Kidney Failure

BUN is short for blood urea nitrogen. For patients with kidney failure, they are common to have high BUN level when doing examinations in hospital. Then should patients with kidney ...

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How to Get Bun Level down

For patients with kidney disease, they are very common to have high Bun level. This is because kidney has a hard time removing excessive Bun from body through urine. In this way, hi...

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How to Treat High BUN Level in Diabetic Nephropathy

Blood urea nitrogen(BUN)is a waste production of protein and is generated in liver, which is a main indicator for kidney function. Then BUN is eliminated by kidney and out of body t...

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How to Improve High BUN Level in PKD Patients

BUN is a waste in body, which is eliminated with kidney filtering blood through urine. PKD makes kidney function decline by enlargement and growth of kidney cyst. Thus, kidney has d...

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What Should I Do with BUN Level 32

Patients with kidney disease have the symptom of high BUN level. In normal range, BUN level is 9-20mg/dL, and BUN is also used as an indicator of testing kidney function. In clinic,...

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BUN 41, PKD: What Should I Do

PKD, polycystic kidney disease, is an inherited kidney disease, and patients may be born with PKD gene. For PKD patients, there will be numerous cysts formed on kidneys, and the cys...

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What Does BUN 52 Mean in PKD Patients

What does BUN 52 mean in PKD patients? As we know, PKD is a genetic kidney disease with numerous cysts formed on kidneys, which can get enlarged over time, and the large cysts will ...

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What is the Treatment of Blood Urea Nitrogen 75 in Kidney Failure

What is the treatment of blood urea nitrogen 75 in kidney failure? This should be a common questions for kidney failure patients. As we know, kidneys failure is a kind of kidney dis...

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