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What Does BUN 52 Mean in PKD Patients

2015-06-10 09:42

What Does BUN 52 Mean in PKD PatientsWhat does BUN 52 mean in PKD patients? As we know, PKD is a genetic kidney disease with numerous cysts formed on kidneys, which can get enlarged over time, and the large cysts will oppress surrounding kidney tissues and cause kidney damage. Then patients will have some severe symptoms with the development of PKD. In the following article, we will learn the meaning of BUN 52 for PKD patients.

BUN, blood urea nitrogen, is a kind of waste products in blood, which is mainly metabolized by protein. And the urea nitrogen is filtered by kidney, the normal BUN level is 9-20 mg/dl. BUN 52 is much higher than the normal level, and it means the kidneys have been damaged severely with low kidney function. In this condition, there will be lots of toxins and wastes building up in blood, which can be very dangerous for patients. So PKD patients need to take effective treatment to lower the high BUN 52 and repair their kidney damage.

1. Limit the protein intake

PKD patients with high BUN 52 need to limit the protein intake, because too much protein intake will produce more BUN in blood.

2. Take medical treatment to shrink kidney cysts

For PKD patients the kidney damage is mainly caused by enlargement of kidney cysts, and the low kidney function will cause high BUN level. So patients need to take medical treatment to shrink the kidney cysts and improve the kidney function.

Here we recommend the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which has the function of shrinking kidney cysts and repairing damaged kidney tissues. Then the kidney function can be improved effectively, which can help lower the high BUN level from root.

If you still have any questions after reading, or you want to get more details of the treatment for BUN 52 in PKD patients, you can consult online doctor, or you can also leave a message below. We will do our best to help you.

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