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BUN 41, PKD: What Should I Do

2015-07-08 06:07

BUN 41, PKD: What Should I DoPKD, polycystic kidney disease, is an inherited kidney disease, and patients may be born with PKD gene. For PKD patients, there will be numerous cysts formed on kidneys, and the cysts will be increased and get enlarged over time, which will finally cause kidney damage. With the development of PKD, patients may get high BUN, which is a severe sign to them. Then what should the patients do with BUN 41 in PKD? Read on, we will get the answer.

BUN is shorted by blood urea nitrogen, and the urea nitrogen is a kind of waste product of protein metabolism in blood. The urea nitrogen is mainly excreted by kidneys. Similar with high creatinine level, when the kidneys are damaged severely with less than 50% kidney function left, the kidneys will fail to removed out by kidneys, which can lead to high BUN level. The BUN 54 is much higher than the normal level 9-20 mg/dl, and it means a very low kidney function to PKD patients. So they need to take effective treatment to lower it.

Then what should I do with high BUN 41 in PKD?

From above, we can see the high BUN is mainly caused by low kidney function, and the low kidney function is mainly caused by the severe kidney damage due to enlargement of kidney cysts in PKD. So patients need to take effective treatment to shrink the kidney cysts and improve kidney function, then the high BUN can be reduced from root.

Here we recommend the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in China, which is an external and herbal based treatment. The effective substances in osmotherapy can suppress the secretion of fluid from cyst wall and remove the fluid out, then it can shrink the kidney cysts and prevent the further growth of the cysts in PKD. In addition, the osmotherapy can also help repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function effectively with the medicines working on kidneys directly through skin. Once the kidney function is improved effectively, the kidneys can excrete the BUN out effectively, and the BUN can be reduced from root.

If you still have any questions after reading, or you want to get more details of the treatment for PKD patients with high BUN level, you can leave a message below with your questions, or you can also send e-mail to us, pkdtreatment169@gmail.com. Our on duty doctor will contact you soon.

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