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What Should I Do with BUN Level 32

2015-07-16 03:36

What Should I Do with BUN Level 32Patients with kidney disease have the symptom of high BUN level. In normal range, BUN level is 9-20mg/dL, and BUN is also used as an indicator of testing kidney function. In clinic, BUN 60 can be regarded as an index of uremia. So, what should I do with BUN 32?

BUN is short for blood urea nitrogen, which is end product of protein metabolism and gets removed from body through urine. If kidney has something wrong, BUN can not be eliminated from body well, resulting in high BUN level in body gradually. BUN 32 is much higher than normal level, which means kidney function has decreased seriously.

What should I do with BUN 32

1. Diet

patients with BUN 32 should have a low protein diet, because protein can be decomposed into BUN. Furthermore, rich phosphorus, potassium, sodium food needs to be avoided strictly, otherwise kidney will be put more burden on, worsening kidney function. Swelling appears obvious, and water must be limited.

2. Exercise

taking exercise increases immunity of patients with BUN 32, and helps get wastes and toxins from body by sweating.

3. Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine proves to be very effective to lower high BUN level. This is because with Chinese medicine, inflammation can be prevented, coagulation will be inhibited, blood vessels are dilated, fibrosis is degraded, and many symptoms of kidney disease are alleviated, for instance, high blood pressure is lowered, urine problems can be solved, poor appetite and sleeping problems are relieved, imbalance of electrolyte is improved well. What is more, kidney function recovers gradually.

The above suggestions are very useful and helpful to lower BUN 32. if you have any problem, please be free to contact our online doctor, leave a message or email to pkd-treatment.@hotmail.com.

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