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How to Treat High BUN Level in Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-08-29 03:00

How to treat high BUN level in Diabetic NephropathyBlood urea nitrogen(BUN)is a waste production of protein and is generated in liver, which is a main indicator for kidney function. Then BUN is eliminated by kidney and out of body through urine. Diabetic nephropathy is a kind of kidney disease caused by diabetes. With the progression of diabetic nephropathy, BUN can be elevated to a high level. Then, how to treat high BUN level in diabetic nephropathy?

What are the causes of high BUN level in diabetic nephropathy?

In general, there is a stable ratio about 10 between BUN and creatinine. When kidney function declines to less than 50%, BUN level can have a rapid increase. There are many causes of high BUN level, such as high protein diets, water shortage, renal ischemia, acute glomerulonephritis and kidney failure. If BUN reaches a high level, it means patients are in advanced stage of diabetic nephropathy. In this case, patients should get timely treatment of the high BUN level.

How to treat high BUN level in diabetic nephropathy?

Because the underlying cause is the filtration declining in kidney. So, the fundamental treatment to alleviate high BUN level is to recover kidney function. Patients should be suggested to have Chinese medicine to manage BUN level. Chinese medicine can expand blood vessels and repair glomerulus damage. Then kidney filtration function can be recovered gradually so that the high BUN level decreased. Patients with diabetic nephropathy can get a result of kidney function recovered and kidney damage repaired.

What’s more, patients should have a limited diet helping to reduce BUN level. A strictly limitation on protein and sugar is necessary. And a diet followed with low salt, low fat, low phosphorus and low potassium is also useful for decreasing BUN level in diabetic nephropathy. Regular slight excises can enhance immune and strengthen body. If you want to know more about declining BUN level treatment and other questions, you can contact us and get the most detailed.

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