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Should I Be Concerned about High BUN Level with Kidney Failure

2016-01-31 06:04

Should I Be Concerned about High BUN Level with Kidney Failure BUN is short for blood urea nitrogen. For patients with kidney failure, they are common to have high BUN level when doing examinations in hospital. Then should patients with kidney failure be concerned about high BUN level? OK, it is necessary to know how high BUN is caused before this question.

BUN is an end product of protein decomposition in body, which is a waste to remove by kidney function. For kidney failure, kidney has a hard time eliminating BUN from body because of low kidney function. In this way, BUN can build up gradually, leading to high BUN level. as well as BUN, creatinine level is always high for patients with kidney failure because kidney can not remove creatinine from body well.

Therefore, the higher BUN level is, the more seriously kidney function declines. Patients with kidney failure should be concerned about high BUN and high creatinine level very much. These two are usually used to be indicators of kidney function in clinic.

How to make high BUN and high creatinine level decrease?

From the above, we can see if kidney function can be reversed, kidney will eliminate BUN and creatinine from body through urine, lowering them effectively and fundamentally. So, is there a way to reverse kidney function for kidney failure?

Yes, Chinese medicine can be your good option, and it is a systematic herbal treatment. Chinese medicine treatment is concentrating on improving kidney fundamentally by promoting blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, enhancing immunity, preventing inflammation, degrading fibrosis. By the time, kidney condition will be improved well to make kidney damage under repair and kidney function can revive little by little. High BUN and high creatinine will be solved effectively from the root. Compared with Chinese medicine treatment, others are focusing on treating symptoms of kidney failure and promoting urination to remove BUN, which can not solve the problem fundamentally.

Chinese medicine treatment makes patients with kidney failure lower high BUN and high creatinine by recovering kidney function effectively. If you have any doubt or need any help about kidney disease, leave a message for us.

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