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Reasons for Elevation of Urea Level

2016-07-12 10:00

blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is often used to reflect urea level in the blood, while urea is discharged out of the body through kidneys. When it is higher than the normal range, it indicates kidney disease for people. This time we will introduce reasons for high urea level.

The leading cause is kidney damage. Since kidneys are responsible for eliminating waste products and toxins including urea, kidney damage can cause BUN level to rise directly. Fortunately, our kidneys have strong compensatory ability, so urea level won’t increase obviously unless more than 50% of kidney functioning tissues are lost. Therefore, if kidney patients’ BUN level is higher than the normal, they should take prompt treatments to manage their health problem.

Chinese medicine can help decline urea level well from the root, which can recover kidney function to remove much toxin and waste from body through urine. Chinese medicine is good for improving kidney function by promoting blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation, repairing kidney damage, degrading fibrosis, and so on. Kidney function will be under recovery by the time.

Great effects can be achieved on patients with high urea level. And urea will be eliminated fron body by kidney filtering the blood with urine. Decline of kidney function will be stopped well in this case, dialysis can be avoided finally. If you have any question or need any help, leave a message for us or contact our online doctors anytime, reply will be given for you very soon.

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