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Dialysis Right Diet

2015-11-28 02:12

Dialysis Right DietFor patient with dialysis, it is vital to notice daily diet. A healthy diet can help control disease and alleviate symptoms of kidney failure. Now please see the below details about dialysis right diet.

Low salt

For patient with kidney disease or dialysis, they both need low salt in daily meals strictly. High salt is very harmful.

Low phosphorus and potassium

It is needed to have a low phosphorus and potassium diet for dialysis patients, because kidney can not remove these excessive ones from body, which can put pressure on kidney.

Low fat and cholesterol

Much fat can increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Thus, having a good shape and weight is necessary for dialysis patients.


Low protein is needed for patient with kidney disease, but for dialysis ones, protein should be a little more than before dialysis because some can be lost during dialysis, which may cause malnutrition.

Vitamins and iron

These can be beneficial for patients with dialysis, thus getting some supplements to yourself after consulting doctors is good for dialysis patients.


Limiting fluids and waster is a must of must for dialysis patients.

The above should be followed strictly in life for patients on dialysis. More or any question, you can leave a message or contact online doctor anytime. Reply will be given very soon for you.

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