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Dialysis, There’s No Place like Home

2015-11-30 07:01

Dialysis, There’s No Place like HomeFor patients with dialysis, there is mo place like home. For home dialysis, patients can arrange treatment at home, do not need to go to dialysis center, which may be very far or troublesome. This time we will mainly introduce benefits of dialysis at home for you.

Comfort, convenience and flexibility are the leading advantages of home dialysis compared with dialysis center. In addition, patients who do dialysis at home can have the below good effects:

1. you can arrange treatment time according to your plan.

2. as for diet, it is more flexible and easy, not that strict.

3. you can feel more happy and comfortable.

4. it is more convenient than going to dialysis center three or four times a week.

5. this is contributing to your feeling of good health.

6. kidney function left can be kept well.

7. it is more easy to control blood pressure.

8. alleviating symptoms and complications well.

Therefore, patients on dialysis can take dialysis at home into consideration in life. Of course, hemodialysis also has its own advantages. So, which is one is better depends on yourself lifestyle and opinions. If you have any question or need any help, welcome to leave a message or contact online doctor anytime. We will reply very fast for you in detail.

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