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Our Hospital for Treating Kidney Failure to Avoid Dialysis

2016-08-18 03:36

How to treat kidney failure well to avoid dialysis? Our hospital,Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, is a specialized kidney disease one with over 30 years’ history, which can help patients with kidney failure avoid dialysis well. Chinese medicine treatment is the very special in our hospital, which is used to treat kidney disease for many years in clinic, and get a good reputation in the world, we have been treating thousands of foreign patients from many different countries by far. Ok, now please see a good case of patient with kidney disease treated in our hospital.

Through test, her daughter’s indexes show that Scr:1200umol/l, UN:25.8mmol/l, UA:533umol/l. From these indexes, we can know that her kidney disease is serious. In most countries, they will choose dialysis to relive their symptoms. While in here, we choose traditional Chinese herbal medicine, which all materials are from natural, so they are natural and have little side effect. Through our treatment plan, her indexes show that Scr:259uml/l, UN:13.2mmol/l, UA:188umol/l after one month. Now, she is happy for avoiding dialysis everyday. When she back to her country, she said that we give her hope of life

Thus, we can see that the effect is very obvious and good with Chinese medicine treatment. It is a complete and systematic treatment for kidney disease. It is focusing on kidney to improve kidney function well to increase kidney function in the end. Creatinine can be reduced from the root well in this way to prevent dialysis. Be free to contact us if you get any question or need any help. It is a pleasure that we can help you out.

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