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Chinese Medicine Makes It Possible to Get Rid of Dialysis

2016-08-20 07:18

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is the good option to help get rid of dialysis for patients with kidney disease. Chinese medicine is the very special treatment which is a series of therapies to increase kidney function well. Ok, now see a case of patient getting rid of dialysis in our hospital.

Tima Kaeyo is 59 years old, and he is from Papua New Guinea. Due to the obvious effect in body, Tima has come to our hospital for twice.

The first time, Tima has already accepted dialysis for several times. His creatinine level reaches 1000umol/L, and his urine amount is 200~300ml per day. His GFR is 13, which is very low.

The second time he came to our hospital, his creatinine level is between 170~270..

Curative effect:

The first time, two months’ treatment make his creatinine level lowered to 100~200umol/L, and he gets rid of dialysis successfully.

The second time, after about forty days’treatment, his creatinine is lowered to 120~130, and his urine amount is 1000~2000ml.

Therefore, Chinese medicine is your best treatment for kidney disease to get rid of dialysis well because Chinese medicine can improve kidney effectively to increase kidney function well. If you get any problems or need any help, be free to contact us anytime. We will reply you very soon.

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