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Chinese medicine Can Help Dialysis and Kidney Transplant Patients

2016-09-05 09:40

Chinese medicine Can Help Dialysis and Kidney Transplant PatientsShe is a patient with dialysis and then she got kidney transplant, however, the right kidney suffered from serious inflammation, besides, the occult blood still was high. Then with the advice of her husband’s encouragement., she came to china for treatment in our hospital.

Within two-weeks treatment by Chinese medicine, her urine protein and occult blood turned to negative and get rid of pain medication finally. Thus, it is a good option for patients with kidney diseas to choose Chinese medicine, which can help patients get a better and longer life.

Chinese medicine can improve kidney function and repair kidney damage, which can make symptoms of kidney failure get controlled very well from the root, with increased kidney function, disease can be stopped worsening further. Chinese medicine is the special treatment inPeking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, which has a long history in China, and it has treated thousands of foreign patients from many different countries in the world. We get our own international department. Foreign patients do not have to worry life here. Chinese medicine consists of lots of therapies, Foot Bath, Medicated Bath, Acupuncture Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and so on.

Chinese medicine is focusing on kidney itself to improve kidney function, which is the great difference from other treatments. This is also why Chinese medicine can be so effective and good. Chinese meidine can remove toxins from blood and cells for patients with kidney disease, which gives a good condition for kidney to be under recovery by the time. If these toxins can not be removed well, medicines can not work well, and symptoms will reoccur in some time. If you get any problem or need any help, welcome to contact us anytime and we will reply you very soon.

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