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Chinese Medicine for Treating Uremia to Avoid Dialysis

2016-09-23 09:41

Chinese Medicine for Treating Uremia to Avoid Dialysis For uremia patients, dialysis or kidney transplant is the final option in most occasions. So is there other way to help treat uremia? Chinese medicine is a good choice for uremia to avoid dialysis well. See the below case of uremia patient treated in our hospital with Chinese medicine firstly. .

Because of uremia, he is sentenced to death in local hospital and told that in the rest life, he can only maintain life through dialysis. So he went to China for treatment carrying with hope.

Rutagengwa said that his require is low. As long as he can control the illness condition, never going up with creatinine and cysts never enlarge will be ok. He said, six-years treatment made him think that his disease is difficult to treat and the local hospital doctors told him that dialysis is the only choice for him, while dialysis didn’t make him feel good, illness condition became worse and worse.

After he came to our hospital, we changed his treatment plan from 3 times a week to 1 time a week, and matches with chinese medicine treatment, which the goal is improve his immunity, make a base for further treatment. What surprised him is just so easy treatment can make his creatinine level reduced to 1039umol/l from 1330umol/l. The significance of dialysis is to clean the toxins and wastes in the blood. The effects of dialysis is not good is because that the speed of cleaning is lag behind much of producing. Our one-week chinese medicine treatment is to decrease the speed of production. After two week, the goal of Rutagengwa has been achieved, creatinine level does not go up, and there is a reduction at a stable speed. What’s more, the size of kidney and cysts become smaller and smaller.

Chinese medicine is very good for patients with uremia to improve kidney function to have a better and longer life. If you get any interest or have any question, welcome to contact us freely. It is a pleasure that we can help you solve problem.

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