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What Should I Do with kidney Failure If I Don’t Want Dialysis

2016-11-22 10:15

What Should I Do with kidney Failure If I Don’t Want DialysisMiss Ye come from Guangxi province. Her major in postgraduate is Chinese medicine and work in medicine store after her graduation. The misfortune happened few month ago. As usual, she began her work in the morning that day. However, she felt very faint suddenly and was about to fall down when she was searching herbs for custom. Thanks to her colleague caught her timely or she would down to the ground embarrassing. After her consciousness returned, she was really wondered why she always feels faint recently, is it because of low blood sugar?

One day when it was her turn on vacation, she when to a hospital near her home and take a medicine test. She was afraid that some disease come to her. Unfortunately, she made it right in beginning but wrong in the end. She did suffering form a disease, but it’s not low blood pressure, it’s kidney failure. The reason that she always feel faint is renal anemia caused by kidney failure.

She began to learn knowledge about kidney disease when she stay in local hospital for treatment. Because her major is medicine when she was at school, so she can know about many different kinds of disease more or less. In addition, she find that she can not leave drugs, doctors also asked her do not stop taking medicines. If the disease get worse, she had to increase medicine volume she taking or even on dialysis. It reminded her of a words told by her teacher, western medicine can not treat disease form the root.

For these reasons, she decided get rid of western medicine and have a try with Chinese medicine options. She came to Shijiazhuang Kidney disease hospital with her parents this September. When she very first came here, her creatinine level was 666umol/L and uric acid was 474umol/L. She was in a high risk of dialysis.

After she lived in hospital for 12 days, her creatinine level decreased to 550nmal/L and uric acid was 16umol/L. The medicine test result help her far away form dialysis. With the recovery of illness condition, her urine volume increased, blood pressure also become stable and she don’t feel so faint like before. Doctor told her that thanks to her was major in Chinese medicine when she was at school, or it could be a long way to go for recovery. For more information about kidney disease and Chinese medicine treatment, you can leave a message below or contact with our online doctor. You can also send Email to pkdtreatment169@gmail.com, we will give you a certain answer in the first time.

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