High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Is It Possible to Get off Dialysis? How Long to Live with Kidney Failure and Dialysis? Here we can help you solve all the problems regarding dialysis with free of charge.

Side Effects of Inadequate Dialysis

For dialysis patients, they need to do dialysis regularly as doctors request strictly, otherwise inadequate dialysis can cause side effects on people. This time we will talk about t...

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How to Treat Dry Skin as A Result of Dialysis

Dialysis can cause side effects on people, and dry skin is one of leading symptom for patients on dialysis. Then how to treat dry skin in dialysis effectively? Please see the below ...

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Why Is Blood Pressure High After Dialysis

Patients with kidney failure need to be on dialysis in the later stage, which can help replace kidney to filter the blood to remove wastes and fluids from body. But dialysis can als...

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Phosphorus-Free Diet for Dialysis Patients

Dialysis patients must have a low phosphorus diet in life, this is because kidney function has dropped to very low level, and large amount of phosphorus can not be removed from body...

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Protein Supplements for Dialysis

People on dialysis need a restricted diet in daily life, thus it is hard for them to have enough protein for body, in this case, protein supplements can be a option for dialysis peo...

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How Is Osmosis Used in Kidney Dialysis

How is osmosis used in kidney dialysis? Kidney plays an important role in our body, which is responsible for regulating blood pressure, balancing electrolytes in blood, and producin...

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Common Side Effects of Dialysis

Dialysis may be needed to help kidney filter the blood to remove excessive wastes and fluids in body, and regulate blood pressure. It is divided into hemodialysis and peritoneal dia...

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Are Ginger & Garlic Good for Those Who Have Kidney Problems and Are Undergoing Dialysis

Are ginger and garlic good for those who have kidney problems and are undergoing dialysis? The answer is yes, they are. And this time we will explain benefits of ginger and garlic f...

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What is Good Dialysis Diet Food to Eat

What is good dialysis diet food to eat? Dialysis patients should pay high attention to daily diet in life, and well managed diet is helpful for treating disease and alleviating symp...

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Recommended Vegetables for Dialysis Patients

For patients with kidney failure, dialysis is needed when it develops into end stage kidney failure. For people on dialysis, a special diet is necessary in life to help manage amoun...

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