High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Is It Possible to Get off Dialysis? How Long to Live with Kidney Failure and Dialysis? Here we can help you solve all the problems regarding dialysis with free of charge.

What Should Patients on Dialysis Eat

Patients on dialysis should have a restricted diet in daily life, which can be helpful for controlling disease condition and improving kidney function. This time we introduce what d...

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Recommended Vegetables for Patients on Dialysis

It is known that patients on dialysis must have a restricted diet in life, which is helping alleviate disease condition. As low protein and low fat is needed, vegetables are suggest...

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Treatment for Creatinine 9.8 to Avoid Dialysis

Creatinine 9.8 is a very high level, which means end stage kidney disease, in this case, dialysis is always suggested to help replace kidney to filter the blood to save life. But mo...

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Can Dialysis Patients Eat Asparagus

Asparagus is very healthy and popular with many people. But for dialysis people, can they eat asparagus? It is known that patients with dialysis should have a low protein, low phosp...

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When Can Dialysis Be Reduced

It is known that when dialysis is started, patients have to reply on dialysis in the rest of life. But most of dialysis patients want to find if there is a way to replace dialysis a...

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How Long Can A Person Live on Dialysis

Patients are very reluctant to do dialysis, but when kidney function is left little, and they have to accept dialysis to save life. Dialysis has side effects on people, and they wan...

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Does Every Kidney Failure Patients Go for Dialysis

If I have kidney failure, will I have to go for dialysis? Maybe many people think every kidney failure patients will go for dialysis to save life in the end. But this is wrong, kidn...

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How to Recover Your Kidney Function to Avoid Dialysis

Kidney failure can deteriorate gradually into end stage kidney failure which needs dialysis to help filter the blood to save life. Is there way to recover kidney function to avoid d...

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Nettle Leaf Help with Dialysis

Is nettle leaf helpful for dialysis patients? This time we will introduce effects of nettle leaf and if it is good for dialysis for you. Please see the below: 1. promote digestion a...

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Dialysis Is Not The Final and Only Choice for Kidney Failure

For most of kidney failure patients, they believe that dialysis is their final and only choice in the end. So, is this right or wrong? In most Western places, treatment for kidney f...

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