High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Is It Possible to Get off Dialysis? How Long to Live with Kidney Failure and Dialysis? Here we can help you solve all the problems regarding dialysis with free of charge.

Leading Side Effects of Dialysis Then How to Prevent Them

Dialysis is needed when kidney function is left very little to replace kidney to filter the blood. There is peritoneal dialysis(PD)and hemodialysis (HD)for patients. But as it is kn...

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Exercise for Dialysis Patients

For dialysis patients, they are likely to think they can not exercise and should not exercise. However, this is wrong. The fact is that most of patients on dialysis can do exercise....

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Dialysis Can Cause Dry Skin for Patients

Dry skin can happen on patients on dialysis commonly, and it is a side effect of dialysis. Dry skin makes us feel uncomfortable and itching. This time we will introduce how dry skin...

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Hope for Dialysis Patients to Stop Dialysis

Dialysis patients are very concerned about if there is treatment to help them get rid of dialysis completely. Is there hope for dialysis patient to improve kidney function well? The...

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How to Increase Urine for Dialysis

It is common that patients on dialysis can have decreased urine output, this is because lots of fluids are removed from body through dialysis. How to increase urine is a concern for...

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Cherry Tomato And Dialysis

If I am a dialysis people, can I eat cherry tomato in meals? As for this question, it is necessary to have a knowledge of cherry tomato and its effects on people in the first place....

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Decreased Urine Output After Dialysis

Patients with kidney disease may wonder that if I do dialysis, does my urine output decline? This is a very concern for patients on dialysis. At first, the answer is yes in most occ...

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Is There Treament for Dialysis Patients

Patient with kidney failure have no choice but accept dialysis to help save life in the end. So, is there treatment for dialysis patients to help them decline dialysis or get rid of...

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Does Everyone with PKD Have to Dialysis

It is well-known that PKD can lead to kidney failure, and dialysis is always needed to save life. Many are wondering if everyone with PKD have to dialysis. The answer is no, but PKD...

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What Happens When You Miss A Dialysis

It is known that patients on dialysis need to do dialysis as the doctors schedule, which is according patients disease condition. But if I miss a dialysis, what will happen? OK, we ...

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