High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Is It Possible to Get off Dialysis? How Long to Live with Kidney Failure and Dialysis? Here we can help you solve all the problems regarding dialysis with free of charge.

Which Is The Best Home Remedy for Dialysis Patients

For patients with dialysis, it is common to have side effects on them, such as fatigue, skin problems, sleeping problems, weakness, muscle cramps, restless legs. What is the best ho...

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Are There Technologies That Reduce Frequency of Dialysis

Are there technologies that reduce frequency of dialysis? Patients on dialysis are very concerned about this question. This is because once dialysis begins, patients have to keep do...

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How Can A Patient on Dialysis Stay Healthy

It is known that dialysis can cause side effects on patients, but dialysis is needed to help save life for patients with end stage kidney failure. Then how to stay healthy for patie...

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Are There Any Successful Alternatives to Dialysis Or Transplant for Kidney Disease

It is common for patients with kidney disease to ask the question: are there any successful alternatives to dialysis or transplant? In China, there is a treatment which is called Ch...

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What Does It Feel like to Be on Dialysis

Many patients with kidney failure may want to know what it feel like to be on dialysis? Dialysis is a treatment which is needed in the end stage kidney failure to help kidney filter...

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Is There A Cure for Dialysis

Many patients with dialysis are very caring about if there is a cure for dialysis. When kidney failure people develop into end stage kidney failure, dialysis is always needed to sav...

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How to Improve Dialysis Well

For patients with end stage kidney failure, dialysis is needed to help remove wastes from body to save life. But side effects can be caused with dialysis like skin problem, low bloo...

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Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps in Dialysis

Dialysis can make patients have muscle cramps in life, then is there any good way to treat it? This time we will mostly introduce home remedies for muscle cramps in dialysis. 1. col...

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Dialysis Complications of Chronic Renal Failure

Hypertension and diabetes are likely to lead to chronic renal failure in the end. And end stage kidney failure always needs dialysis to help save life for patients. But dialysis can...

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Dialysis or Kidney Transplant Which Is Right for Me

It is very common that patients with kidney failure are confused about which is right or better, dialysis or kidney transplant. But in fact, the two are not good options. And here w...

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