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Is There Any Way To Skip The Dialysis Without Kidney Transplant

2015-05-13 11:46

Is There Any Way To Skip The Dialysis Without Kidney TransplantPatient: Hello, my father is under dialysis due to kidney failure. Is there any way to skip the dialysis without kidney transplant?

Doctor: In recent years, with the development of dialysis technology, patient’s life expectancy can be prolonged. However, along with dialysis, more and more complications occur and some will threaten patients’ life. Long-term of hemodialysis complications include disequilibrium syndrome, air embolism and low blood pressure, etc. Dialysis replaces part of kidney function to remove some wastes and toxins from the blood. If you depend on dialysis for a long time, residual kidney function will shrink due to out of service for long period. Besides, frequent dialysis will also damage some healthy kidney function cells. Finally kidney function will lost totally.

From the above, we can see if your father wants to get rid of dialysis without kidney transplant, he must take treatment which can improve his own kidney function. Only in this way can dialysis and kidney transplant be removed.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for kidney function

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is on the basis of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but it is an external application. According to specific medical conditions, Chinese herbs are chosen and then micronized into two medicated bags which will be soaked into prepared solution. While during the treatment, two medicated bags will be put under the patient’s back right in renal areas. On the other side, the medicated bags are connected with osmoscope which helps promote the absorption of active ingredients in the medicines. With vasodilation function, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degradation of extracellular matrix, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and improve kidney function gradually.

Enema therapy

In addition to kidney and skin, intestinal tract is another way to discharge toxins and wastes from the blood. Medicinal soup will be infiltrated into your body effectively and help lower creatinine and blood urea nitrogen level.

In China, we also have medicated full bath, medicated foot bath, Mai Kang mixture, acupuncture and acupoint application, etc. All these remedies are natural and able to improve kidney function effectively. Thus, it is possible for your father to skip dialysis and kidney transplant.

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