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Is There A Chance For 4 Percent Kidney To Function Again

2015-05-21 09:38

Is There A Chance For 4 Percent Kidney To Function AgainPatient: My kidneys are working at about 4 percent, having dialysis twice a week. Is there still a chance for my kidneys to function again?

Doctor: 4 percent kidney function means kidney failure. In this stage, dialysis is necessary. It is a medical procedure in which blood flow out of patient’s body and then flow into body again after filtered by a machine outside the body. Dialysis is the most common method to remove wastes temporarily and it usually lasts for 4 to 5 hours every time. However, dialysis only helps purify blood and cannot repair kidney damage. Once kidney disease patients begin dialysis, they need to take dialysis regularly. What’s more, frequent dialysis will worsen kidney condition. Under such a condition, many patients are seeking alternative treatment for kidney failure.

If you only have 4 percent kidney function but still have urine output, it is possible for you to get rid of dialysis as long as you take correct treatment.

For people with kidney failure, most of kidney tissues are damaged and fail to function properly, leading to kidney function decline. Thus, for kidney failure patients, if they want to their kidneys function again, they need to repair damaged kidney tissues and activate them to work.

At present, only Chinese medicines are proven to be effective in repairing injured kidney intrinsic cells to work again. However, as they show therapeutic effect slowly, they are always used together with western medicines. Western medicines are applied to control symptoms like swelling, high blood pressure, protein in urine and edema effectively and quickly. When the conditions get stable, Chinese medicine treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot bath, Acupuncture, enema therapy and steaming therapy are used to repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function. But this therapeutic effect only can be found on kidney failure patients who still have urine output.

Is there a chance for 4 percent kidney function to work again? Yes, there is. If you have any question, please leave a message below or send emails to pkdtreatment169@gmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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