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Procedure or Any Type of Medicine to Reduce Creatinine Level 5.89

2014-08-25 09:09

Question: My father is 62 years old, and his creatinine level is 5.89. He also has the illness history of high blood pressure and diabetes, now he also has swelling in his feet. For his condition, can you tell me procedure or any type of medicine to reduce creatinine level 5.89?

Procedure or Any Type of Medicine to Reduce Creatinine Level 5.89Answer: From your description, I know the illness condition of your father, and I hope my answer will be helpful for your father’s illness condition.

You said his creatinine level is 5.89 now, which is much higher than the normal level 0.5-1.2 mg/dl, which means his kidneys have been damaged severely. In this condition, he need to have effective treatment to lower his illness condition, which can help reduce the kidney burden and protect the kidney function.

Here are some suggestions for your father to lower his creatinine 5.89, and I hope this will be helpful for him. If you still have some questions after reading, you can send e-mail to pkdtreatment169@gmail.com.

1. Kidney-friendly diet

As we know, diet plays an important role in kidney disease patients, so your father need to keep a kidney-friendly diet. First, he need to keep a vegetarian diet, which can help reduce the creatinine in blood caused by meat break down in body. Besides, he also need to limit the protein intake, limit the fluid intake and limit the salt intake, and he also need to limit the sugar intake, all these will be helpful for his illness condition such as hypertension and diabetes.

2. Take some certain medicine to lower high creatinine level

He can take some western medicines, such as high blood pressure medicine, diuretics, etc, all these can help control his high blood pressure, high blood sugar and lower the high creatinine level. However, since the western medicine often cause some side effects for patients, so your father need to choose the right medicine and the proper dosage of medicine intake depending on his own illness condition.

3. Chinese medicine

Most of the Chinese medicine will cause no side effects for patients, and herbs can help reduce the high creatinine 5.89 naturally. Here are some featured Chinese therapies which use traditional Chinese herbal medicines, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Oral herbal medicine, enema and herbal herbs, all these will be beneficial for the illness condition of your father.

And these therapies can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function, which can help relieve the severe symptoms and lower creatinine level naturally.

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