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Creatinine 9.4, 5 cm Cyst, 26-27cm kidney: What Is The Treatment

2014-09-02 09:30

Creatinine 9.4, 5 cm Cyst, 26-27cm kidney: What Is The TreatmentQuestion: My father has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) with high level creatinine 9.4. The size of kidney is about 26-27 cm. Doctor suggestion is dialysis and kidney transplantation. What is your advice?

Answer: His creatinine 9.4 is much higher which indicates his kidney function has been damaged severely. PKD roots in autosomal dominant inheritance. The autosomal dominant inheritance will change renal tubular epithelial cells to cyst wall skin cells. These cystic cells will secrete cystic fluid, which accelerate the cysts growth. When the cysts grow big, they will take up the room in kidneys gradually. Once these cysts are big enough, they will oppress kidneys and make the kidneys ischemia and hypoxia. The kidney structure will be damaged and creatinine level will increase. If such condition in kidney cannot be stopped, kidney function will fail completely.

Size of the kidney about 26-27cm is too big. The largest cyst is about 5 cm, and it is also very large. His abdomen is bloated and feels pressure on it. The doctor may prescribe some medications for him, but these medications only help control the related symptoms such as high blood pressure and abdominal pain.

As for the treatment, dialysis or transplantation is a better or unique option in your country to reduce creatinine level. Dialysis can replace kidneys to function to expel toxins out of the blood. But it cannot help to shrink the cysts and repair the damaged kidneys. If he takes dialysis, the normal function of his kidney will stop to function. After a long time, the kidneys will totally fail. My suggestion is to take systemic Chinese herbs to repair the damaged epithelial cell and kill the cyst wall skin cells, which will inhibit the secretion of the cystic fluid and stop cysts growing. In addition, the Chinese herbs can improve blood circulation of the surface of the cyst, increase the excretion of cyst fluid and shrink the cysts.

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