High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Frequently Asked Questions About PKD

PKD, Creatinine 3.2: Please Give Treatment Suggestions

Question: My father is 65 years old and has polycystic kidney disease (PKD), currently, his creatinine level is 3.2. 3 years back, he had a kidney infection where his creatinine had reached 9 and we done 2-3 times dialysis and he came to no...

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PKD, Nausea, Throw Up Several Times, Back Pain: What Should I Do

Patient: I am 20 years old, female. I have PKD amd I am nauseated and threw up a couple of time. I also have back pain with the disease. Is that normal? What should I do for my condition? Doctor: PKD is a genetic kidney disease for people w...

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ADPKD, Creatinine 4.5, High BP: What Can We do for My Mother

Question: My mother is of 66 years old, and her creatinine level is 4.5, she is having high BP. What can we do for my mother to remedy her disease? Doctor: From your description, I get the illness condition of your mom. You said she has ADP...

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Is There Some Way That Shrink Kidney Cyst

Patient: I have a kidney cyst that they aspirated last year in July and it came back. I realized yesterday that I was eating all the wrong things that caused me to hurt more. I do not want to have surgery so is there some way that I can shr...

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Can Kidney Cyst Be Cured With Blood In Urine

Patient: Is there any cure for kidney cyst along with blood in urine? In the early stage of kidney cyst, patients often have back pain. Kidney cyst will enlarge and oppress kidneys or kidney cyst burst will lead to gross hematuria. Can kidn...

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Serum Creatinine 1083umol/L, Half Year Of Dialysis: Can You Help Me

Patient: Hello, Expert, I am a patient with serum creatinine level 1083umol/L and I have vomiting and nausea. I have undergone dialysis for half of a year. Can I still be cured? Doctor: The reason of high creatinine level is damaged kidney...

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Successful cases of PKD

There is no cure for PKD, but believe in us and we can control it well.

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