High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Frequently Asked Questions About PKD

A Cure To Help PKD Patients Avoid Kidney Transplant

Patient: My name is Sharon and I am looking for a cure or something that will stop my ploycystic kidney disease (PKD) so as not to have a kidney transplant. Doctor: As for your case, I suggest the joint therapy of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osm...

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PKD, Undergo Dialysis, High Blood Pressure: Can I Stop Dialysis

Patient: I have PKD, and I am undergo dialysis for 2 times per week. I also take high blood pressure medicines to help control the blood pressure. Is there any alternative treatment to help me stop dialysis? Please help me. Doctor: From you...

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PKD, 8cm Kidney Cyst, Normal Creatinine 0.7, 24 Years Old

Patient: I have inherited PKD from my father. He is 52 now and his creatinine level is 1.1. I am 24 and was diagnosed last year. I have a very large cyst on my right kidney and it is about 8cm diameter, but I have normal creatinine level 0....

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How Is The Condition Of 40% Kidney Function In PKD

Patient: I have polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and now my kidney function is 40%. My blood pressure is ok at the moment. How is my condition now? Doctor: In western medicine, patients use antihypertensives like ACEI in early stage to well...

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What Can I Do To Help Myself Feel Better With Kidney Cyst

Patient: I have a 3.2cm cyst on my right kidney, and it is pinching my colon. I have flu like symptoms, abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, diarrhea and general malice. I am scheduled to have surgery to remove cyst in three weeks. In the...

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PKD, 4% Kidney Function: Dialysis and Other Treatment Options

Question: My friend has PKD with 4% kidney function. Does he need to begin dialysis or are there any options? Answer: 4% kidney function is not effective enough to remain a healthy life, so for life safety, he needs to do dialysis as soon a...

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Successful cases of PKD

There is no cure for PKD, but believe in us and we can control it well.

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