High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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High Creatinine Level

How to lower high creatinine level naturally? Here we offer different treatment methods to help kidney disease patients get elevated creatinine level lowered down.

Should the Patients with Creatinine 6.2 Go for Dialysis

Every day there are a lot of messages or emails sent into pkd-treatment@hotmail.com.They are all questions about kidney disease. Some of the questions are so common that we write an...

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How to Lower High Creatinine Level for Kidney Failure Patients

How to lower high creatinine level for kidney failure patients? This is question which is concerned by all the kidney failure patients with high creatinine level. In this article, w...

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Is A High Creatinine Level Dangerous

If you have kidney disease, it is likely for you to suffer from high creatinine level. Is a high creatinine level dangerous? Lets see what is creatinine and why creatinine level inc...

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Is it a Good Sign with Creatinine 1200

Recently, we received a message leaving in our website, this is a kidney disease patients, whose creatinine level is 1200 now. He asked is it a good sign for creatinine 1200, we are...

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Precaution to Be Taken When Creatinine Level Is High

Creatinine level gradually increases when your kidneys lose more than half of function. What precaution to be taken when creatinine level is high? Take precaution to your diet Creat...

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Which Is the Best Home Remedy to Improve Creatinine Levels

High creatinine level may bother most kidney patients. Have you had enough of the side effects of western medicine? If so, would you like to try some home remedies to improve creati...

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High Creatinine, Low Kidney Function and Low GFR

High creatinine, low kidney function and low glomerular filtration rate (GFR) are three common seen words for kidney disease patients, then do you know the relationships among them?...

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Suggestions for Kidney Failure Patients with High Creatinine 4.0

For kidney failure patients who have severely reduced kidney function, they will be diagnosed with elevated creatinine level from a general blood test. As we know, high creatinine l...

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Is Cucumber Good for Lowering Creatinine Level

Cucumber is a common vegetable, which is favored by many people for its rich health benefits. Is cucumber good for lowering creatinine level? Cucumber is good for lowering creatinin...

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How to Lower Creatinine Levels With Diet

For people with kidney disease, creatinine level may be their main concern. Due to side effects of medication, people turn to natural remedies. Diet therapy may be a good choice. Ho...

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