High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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High Creatinine Level

How to lower high creatinine level naturally? Here we offer different treatment methods to help kidney disease patients get elevated creatinine level lowered down.

Mai Kang Mixture for High Creatinine Patients

It is likely for kidney failure patients to have kidney infection, this is because kidney function decreases to have difficulty removing wastes to produce urine, in the long term, b...

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How to Treat Creatinine 9.3 on Dialysis

For creatinine 9.3, patients will have to accept dialysis in most occasions to help reduce high creatinine level. But dialysis can cause side effects on patients, which is very anno...

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Creatinine 14 How to Do for Me

If my creatinine is 14, what can I do to control it well? This time we will introduce how to treat high creatinine level effectively for you in two aspects: diet and medical treatme...

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How to Treat Creatinine 9.8

For creatinine 9.8, it is extremely higher than normal range of creatinine level. And high creatinine means low kidney function. Creatinine 9.8 means that kidney function is left le...

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Is It Dangerous for Creatinine 5.2

If creatinine is 5.2, is it dangerous for patients? 5.2 is very much higher than normal range, which means that kidney function declines very seriously, thus, it is dangerous for cr...

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How to Treat Creatinine 7.2 on Dialysis

Is there a treatment for ceatinine 7.2 on dialysis? High creatinine means low kidney function, dialysis can be an option to replace kidney to filter the blood to remove wastes. But ...

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How to Save Life for High Creatinine 5.5

High creatinine 5.5 means that kidney function is declining very seriously, and little is left, in this case, a large amount of wastes and toxins can build up in body, which can do ...

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Is It Possible to Reduce Creatinine 9.7

For creatinine 9.7, it is too much high, and dialysis is always needed to replace kidney in this case for patients. Other than dialysis, is it possible to reduce creatinine 9.7 effe...

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How to Improve Creatinine 7.4 and Hypertension with Diabetes

Diabetes can result in kidney failure, which can cause hypertension and high creatinine 7.4 for patients. How to solve in this case? This occurs because diabetes cause kidney damage...

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Is It Possible for Curing Creatinine 8.4

Is it possible for curing creatinine 8.4? Patients with kidney disease have high creatinine, and if my creatinine is 8.4, can it be cured? Creatinine increases when kidney function ...

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