High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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High Creatinine Level

How to lower high creatinine level naturally? Here we offer different treatment methods to help kidney disease patients get elevated creatinine level lowered down.

A Good Treatment for High Creatinine Patients

This time we introduce a new treatment for high creatinine, and it is a very good option to reduce high creatinine. It is called Foot Bath. Foot Bath is the characteristic treatment...

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How to Avoid Dialysis for Creatinine 4.7

For creatinine 4.7, how can it avoid dialysis well? High creatinine usually mean low kidney function, for creatinine 4.7, it is very much higher than normal range of creatinine, and...

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Foot Bath Treatment for High Creatinine in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Foot Bath is a very special treatment in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, and it can reduce high creatinine effectively by recovering kidney function. This time we will discuss...

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How to Make Creatinine 9.2 Reduced to 5

Creatinine 9.2 is very much high for patients, in this case, dialysis is always recommended for patients to lower creatinine, but many do not accept dialysis. So, is there any other...

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What to Do for Creatinine 5.3 with Dialysis

My creatinine is 5.3 now, and I have been on dialysis for several months, and I feel that dialysis is annoying and makes me uncomfortable. Is there a way to help me out in this case...

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What Can Happen on Creatinine 6.1 Patients

Creatinine 6.1 is extremely higher than normal range of creatinine. In this case, what will happen on patients? High creatinine means low kidney function, and creatinine is an indic...

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How to Treat Vomiting When Creatinine Is High

For some patients with kidney disease, they have high creatinine level and vomiting. How to treat vomiting in this case. High creatinine means low kidney function, and large amount ...

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How Can I Treat High Creatinine and Improve Kidney Function

High creatinine is caused because kidney has difficulty in removing excessive creatinine from body, which leads to build up of creatinine in body. Kidney function declines for patie...

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Does Natural Remedy for Reducing High Creatinine Work

Many patients with high creatinine level want to know natural remedy for reducing high creatinine. However, is this working really? Natural remedy can improve kidney to some degree ...

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What Should Do for High Creatinine and Uric Acid Level

For high creatinine and uric acid level, kidney disease patients can face this problem very commonly, then what should do? This time we will give you a detailed answer. 1. medical t...

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