High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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High Creatinine Level

How to lower high creatinine level naturally? Here we offer different treatment methods to help kidney disease patients get elevated creatinine level lowered down.

What Are Complications of High Creatinine Level

For people with high creatinine, it is usually meaning that there is kidney disease occurring. In this case, what are complications of high creatinine level? Please see the below de...

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Does Creatinine 5.5 Need Dialysis

For creatinine 5.5, it is very high, normal range of creatinine is 0.5-1.2. then should creatinine 5.5 patients need dialysis? In general, patients are suggested to do dialysis when...

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Can High Creatinine Be Cured for PKD Patients

High creatinine is usually meaning that kidney function has something wrong, which makes kidney has a hard time removing wastes and toxins from body through urine. High creatinine i...

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Do I Have to Do Dialysis If My Creatinine Is 4.1

For this case, creatinine 4.1 patients do not need to do dialysis yet, but if not controlled well, dialysis will be suggested for patients when creatinine increases to over 6. thus,...

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How to Improve GFR and Recover Kidney Function for High Creatinine Patients

For kidney failure, high creatinine is a very obvious sign in daily life, in addition, low GFR and low kidney function are also the very leading problems. How to improve GFR and rec...

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Dialysis is Not A Good Way to Reduce High Creatinine

Many patients with high creatinine think dialysis is the only good way to reduce creatinine level effectively. This is wrong, there is also other good way to treat high creatinine e...

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What Should Do for Creatinine 5.5 Patients

My creatinine level is 5.5, then what should I do in this case? Is there possibility for me to reverse to normal level of creatinine? We give you a detailed introduction of Chinese ...

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Chinese Medicine Solves High BUN and High Creatinine Level

High BUN and creatinine happen very commonly for patients with kidney failure, and Chinese medicine can solve high BUN and creatinine very effectively from the root. The below are d...

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How to Reduce High Creatinine for Dialysis Patients

Dialysis patients have a very high creatinine level, and they want to know why it is still so high after dialysis and find a way to reduce it. This time we will give you a detailed ...

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What Level Is Creatinine to Result in Death

Kidney failure patients have high creatinine level, and some want to know what level of creatinine result in death. In fact, causes of death for kidney failure are related to many f...

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