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Foods That Shrink Kidney Cysts

2016-01-07 09:28

Foods That Shrink Kidney Cysts

Nowadays, patients with kidney cysts are very caring about remedy for disease, especially about foods that shrink kidney cysts. This time we will give you a detailed introduction of foods good for shrinking cyst.

At first, the below should be avoided or limited strictly in daily life:

Caffeine, alcohol, strong tea, and spicy foods. These are bad for kidney cyst patients, which may contribute to growth of kidney cysts.

Then the below principles should be followed in meals or foods:

1. low fat and cholesterol. Because much fat and cholesterol can make patients at higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. In this way, disease can be worsened.

2. low sodium. Lots of sodium makes blood pressure elevate, leading to high blood pressure.

3. low protein if kidney function declines.

4. phosphorus and potassium. If you have high phosphorus and potassium level, you should follow a low phosphorus and potassium diet in life. Because these will worsen the condition and affect kidney function.

Having a kidney-friendly diet is good for patients with kidney cysts to shrink kidney cysts well. However, one important thing is that patients should notice it is not enough to reply on foods to shrink cysts. Medical treatment is a must. Surgery or drainage is treatment which just can shrink cysts temporarily, and cysts will occur again later. Chinese medicine is focusing on fundamental cause of growth of cysts, which is cyst fluid. Chinese medicine can inhibit cyst fluids secretion and increase permeability of cyst walls to make cyst fluids get out more easily. Thus, cysts can be shrunk very well from the root.

A good diet plan and Chinese medicine makes patients shrink kidney cysts very effectively and fundamentally. Any question or more, leave a message or contact online doctor anytime. We will reply you very soon in detail.

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