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What Diet to Slow down Growth of Kidney Cysts

2016-01-27 08:25

What Diet to Slow down Growth of Kidney Cysts Diet always plays an important role in our health. For patients with kidney cysts, diet can also affect growth of kidney cysts. Thus, many patients want to know what diet to slow down growth of kidney cysts. Please see the following:

Low sodium

Much sodium can increase blood pressure, and lead to retention of fluids. In this way, high blood pressure and swelling can be resulted in. low sodium is vital for kidney cyst patients.

Low fat and cholesterol

Obesity or overweight makes patients at high risk of high blood pressure or heart disease, cardiovascular problems. Avoid high fat and cholesterol food is good for patients with kidney cysts.

In addition, caffeine and strong tea, alcohol are very harmful for kidney cyst, which can promote growth of kidney cysts according to research. These should be avoided in daily life. a well planned diet is beneficial for patients with kidney cysts. But treatment is also needed very much. Chinese medicine treatment is a good option, which can shrink kidney cysts by inhibiting secreting cyst fluid and enhancing permeability of cyst walls to make fluids flow out easily.

If you have any question about diet or treatment for kidney cysts, you can leave a message for us or contact our online doctor anytime, reply will be given very fast for you in detail. Our professional doctors will answer according to your case.

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