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Can Kidney Cysts Patients Eat Cheese

2016-11-08 08:44

Cheese is really a delicious food that many people like it very much. it is made by milk and whey and has a good taste and quality nutrition. We can always see it in many families’ dining table because it is so popular all over the world. What’s more, cheese is rich in many materials are good for our health, such as protein, fat, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and potassium, and so on. However, is cheese also good for kidney cyst patients? Can these patients eat cheese? If you have any questions about PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease, please leave us a message below or chat with our online doctors straightly)

Cheese can cause protein in urine for kidney cyst patients

Even though cheese does so much good for our health, however, because of a different condition, kidney cyst patients can not eat it. The food is harmful for them. we have known that cheese is rich protein, kidney cyst patients take too much protein will cause excess protein in kidney and them cause proteinuria and protein in blood.

Cheese is more easy cause a further damage on kidneys

For those patients who have kidney damage with kidney cysts, eating cheese will cause high potassium and high phosphorus levels in blood because the abundant potassium and phosphorus in cheese. This will bring some further badly damage to kidneys.

Cheese can exacerbate some symptoms

Because cheese is rich in sodium, and it has some bad influence on kidney functions for patients. When kidney cyst patients eat too much cheese, the high sodium will increase the risk of high blood pressure and swelling.

Cheese may cause some bad affects to kidney cyst patients, but is not means that patients have too leave for away from cheese. Because cheese is made by milk, milk is quality protein which is good for kidney disease patients. Thus, patients can eat cheese according to their own condition.

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