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Could My Kidney Cysts Be Cancerous

2015-09-16 09:31

Could My Kidney Cysts Be CancerousCould my kidney cyst be cancerous? Kidney cyst can happen on people with some genetic disorders. Simple kidney cyst is very ordinary for healthy kidneys. Nowadays, most people can be diagnosed with lesions by medical imaging technology: X-ray, CT scanning or ultrasound. As for kidney cyst, it is primary to differentiate simple kidney cyst from complex kidney cyst.

Simple kidney cyst is always round with only one cyst wall outside, which seems like ping pong ball. But complex kidney cyst describes that there are a lot of small cyst accumulating, which has the possibility of being cancerous. Therefore, if people find kidney cyst by doing tests in hospital, you should do further tests to make sure which category of kidney cyst it is. If it is simple kidney cyst, you should try to shrink it or make a surgery. However, if it is complex cyst, you should consult with your doctors in the long term to figure out whether there is cancerous cyst with careful observation. The research shows that there is a great possibility for complex renal cyst to be cancerous. Precise diagnosis and well observing is needed to judge conditions of kidney cyst you get.

Besides, if kidney cyst can not be controlled well, other organs and tissues is more likely to be affected in the long run. Statistics indicates that with diseases spreading beyond kidney to other organs, patients with kidney cyst are more life-threatening and survival rate is very low. Hence, kidney cyst patients need to take care of cyst to prevent enlargement and growth. In this way, kidney failure, heart disease and liver disease can be avoided well, making life quality and expectancy get better. More or any question, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctors anytime. Reply will be given very fast in detail for you.

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