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What Are Cysts

2015-10-03 08:54

What Are CystsA cyst starts from a out pouching of a nephron, and it may grow in everywhere of nephron. In addition, the composition of cyst fluids always can reflect in the nephron where cyst grows.

Most of cysts will be separated from the nephron when they grow very small, in general, about 2mm in diameter. By the time, cyst can grow and enlarge gradually with full of cyst fluids.

The leading components of kidney cyst:

1. cell proliferation

cells in cyst walls can reproduce self, and the speed is faster than other kidney cells. In this way, cyst grows and enlarge.

2. fluid secretion

secretion is a method of making fluids flow across the cyst. Fluid is a must for cyst.

3. abnormal basement membrane

basement membrane is a layer of tissues where cyst cell grows, and it is very thin. But for ADPKD, the basement membrane is a little thicker than others. In addition, it can remodels with cysts growing. Without basement membrane, cyst can not enlarge at all.

Cyst does harm to us because it can grow and enlarge, which impairing surrounding tissues and organs. In this way, kidney failure can be caused finally, and patients with PKD are very likely to develop kidney failure, the possibility is over 50%.

Cyst is divided into simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst, PKD belongs to complex kidney cyst. Simple cyst is always not harmful, but complex cysts are dangerous to patients a lot. More information or any question, welcome to leave a message or contact online doctors anytime. Reply will be given very soon in detail for you.

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