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What Happens When a Cyst Ruptures On Kidney

2014-03-08 16:19

What Happens When a Cyst Ruptures On KidneyWhat happens when a cyst rupture on kidney? This is a common question for kidney cysts patients who have large cysts on their kidneys. As we know, kidney cysts means some fluid-filled sacs occurred on kidneys, and most of the people may have no symptoms and cause no kidney damage with kidney cysts. However, for some patients, the kidney cysts may get enlarged over time, and these people with enlarged kidney cysts will suffer from high risk of cyst rupture on kidneys.

When people suffer from cyst rupture on kidney, there are two common conditions as follows:

1. Cyst growing in the outer part of kidney ruptures, the cystic fluid will flow into abdominal cavity. This can easily cause peritonitis, and people with peritonitis will have serious stomachache and may also get infections easily, thus may cause acute decreasing of kidney function, which are very harmful or life-threatening for kidney cysts patients, so they need to avoid cysts rupture.

2. Cyst growing inside kidneys ruptures, cystic fluid will flow into urine, and people may have blood urine. Blood urine can disappear within one week, and blood urine is often regarded as a sign of cyst rupture for kidney cysts patients. In this condition, it is not so serious, but patients need to prevent infections of cyst rupture, because infection can cause further damage to kidneys.

From above, we can get the two common conditions of cyst rupture for kidney cysts patients, then we can know, the most important thing that patients need to pay attention to is to prevent infection after the cysts rupture. Since infection can cause serious damage to kidney and increase the progression of kidney failure.

As a consequence, kidney cysts patients need to pay attention to their kidney cysts. If the cysts are enlarged, they should have treatment to help shrink the kidney cysts and help prevent cyst rupture. If you want to get the detailed treatment information on shrinking kidney cysts and prevent kidney damage, you can leave a message below, we will answer you within 24 hours.

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