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Kidney Cyst Size

Do you know in which size the kidney cyst will be dangerous for you? Here you can get the answers, and we will help you shrink your big cyst with natural treatment.

What Size of Kidney Cyst Can Cause Kidney Pain

Kidney cyst is a commonly disorder of cyst. It is a caused by the reason of many cystic masses appear in kidneys. patients may suffer form many different kinds of kidney disease suc...

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Is 6 cm Kidney Cyst Considered Large

I am diagnosed with a kidney cyst, 6 cm, then is it large? What should I do with this 6 cm kidney cyst. Simple kidney cyst is more common to happen on people with aging. Kidney cyst...

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Is 25*20 mm Kidney Cyst Large or Not

25*20 mm kidney cyst is a large one for people. And it is very important for patients to control it well to prevent growth. Here we will mostly talk about how to shrink 25*20 mm kid...

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Is It Dangerous with 1.5 cm Simple Renal Cyst And High Blood Pressure

If I was diagnosed with 1.5cm simple renal cyst and high blood pressure, is it dangerous to me? 1.5cm cyst is small, and has no obvious bad effects on patients at present. High bloo...

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8 cm Kidney Cyst: What Do You Recommend to Do

What do you recommend to do for patients with 8 cm kidney cyst? This is a question we received from our mail box, pkd-treatment@hotmail.com. In the following article, we will get fu...

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6.8*7.2 cm Cyst in Right Kidney: What Should Be the Treatment

What should be the treatment for people with 6.8*7.2 cm cyst in right kidney? Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease for people older than 50 years old, which can be caused by many ...

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Is the 2.5 cm Simple Cortical Cyst Life Threatening

Is the 2.5 cm simple cortical cyst life threatening for patients? As we know, the simple kidney cyst is a common kidney disease with fluid-filled sac formed on kidneys. In some case...

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3.6 cm Cyst on Left Kidney: What Should I Do

Patient: I got the result of my ultrasound and they found a cyst on my left kidney measuring 3.6 cm, and there impression is left renal cyst. I am so scared. Please tell what I shou...

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6.2 cm Right Kidney Cyst: What Should We Do

What should we do with 6.2 cm cyst on right kidney? Kidney cyst is a common type of kidney diseases with fluid filled sac formed on kidneys, which can be caused by many factors. In ...

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Cortical Renal Cyst, 3.59*3.0 cm, Back Pain: What Should Be the Natural Treatment

Patient: A cortical renal cyst is found on right kidney, which is 3.3 *2.9 cm. Now after one year, it has mild increased to 3.5 * 3.0 cm, only I am suffering some right back pain. W...

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Successful cases of PKD

There is no cure for PKD, but believe in us and we can control it well.

Annoyance of The Young Couple

A Good Effect Is Based on A Good Cooperation of Doctors And Patients