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3.6 cm Cyst on Left Kidney: What Should I Do

2015-06-11 09:55

Patient: I got the result of my ultrasound and they found a cyst on my left kidney measuring 3.6 cm, and there impression is “left renal cyst”. I am so scared. Please tell what I should do for my case. Thanks

3.6 cm Cyst on Left Kidney: What Should I DoDoctor: From your description, we judge your kidney cyst is simple kidney cyst, which is a common type of kidney diseases with fluid-filled sac formed on kidney, and the kidney cyst can be caused by many factors.

You said your kidney cyst is 3.6 cm, which is a little large. In general, if the kidney cyst is larger than 3 cm, it may oppress surrounding kidney tissues and cause kidney damage, which will cause some severe symptoms for patients, such as proteinuria, hematuria, swelling, high blood pressure, swelling, etc. In this condition, patients need to take effective treatment to help shrink the kidney cysts and improve kidney function, which can make a good prognosis for patients.

Here we recommend you the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is an external and herbal basement treatment, so it will cause no side effects for patients. The effective osmotherapy can help remove fluid out and prevent the secretion of fluid from cyst wall, which can help shrink the kidney cysts and stop the growth of kidney cyst. In addition, it can also help repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function, which can make a good prognosis for patients.

Besides, you also need to keep a well planed diet, which can also prevent the enlargement of kidney cysts.

- Avoid spicy and greasy foods

- Limit the protein intake

- Limit the salt intake

And the specific diet should depend on the own illness condition of patients. You can send your recent test reports to pkdtreatment169@gmail.com, we will help analyze your disease and give you more professional suggestions.

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