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Is the 2.5 cm Simple Cortical Cyst Life Threatening

2015-06-28 03:39

Is the 2.5 cm Simple Cortical Cyst Life ThreateningIs the 2.5 cm simple cortical cyst life threatening for patients? As we know, the simple kidney cyst is a common kidney disease with fluid-filled sac formed on kidneys. In some cases, the kidney cyst will be increased and get enlarged over time, which will cause severe kidney damage, so some patients will wonder whether the 2.5 cm simple cortical cyst can be life-threatening for them.

The simple cortical cyst refers to the kidney cyst formed on the cortical ares of the kidneys. In general, if the kidney cyst is larger than 3 cm, it can oppress surrounding kidney tissues and cause kidney damage. So we can see the 2.5 cm kidney cyst can be regarded as a small cyst. And the cyst will not kidney damage now.

However, patients also need to pay attention to the 2.5 cm kidney cyst although they may have no symptoms now. They need to take regular checkups for the cyst to observe the size of the cyst. In addition, if they have the symptoms such as bubbles in urine, blood in urine, swelling, high blood pressure, back pain, etc, they need to take early treatment, because these symptoms mean their kidneys have been damaged by enlargement of kidney cyst.

Here are some suggestions for patients with 2.5 cm simple cortical cyst.

1. Avoid spicy and greasy foods

The spicy and greasy foods will stimulate the growth of kidney cyst, so patients need to avoid these foods and prevent the growth of the cyst.

2. Stop drinking alcohol

Patients also need to stop drinking alcohol, especially white wine, because the alcohol can also cause the growth of kidney cysts.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The osmotherapy is an external and herbal based treatment, and the effective substances in osmoterapy can help shrink kidney cysts and stop the growth of the cyst, which can slow down their progression and protect the kidneys.

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