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8 cm Kidney Cyst: What Do You Recommend to Do

2015-06-30 02:02

8 cm Kidney Cyst: What Do You Recommend to DoWhat do you recommend to do for patients with 8 cm kidney cyst? This is a question we received from our mail box, pkdtreatment169@gmail.com. In the following article, we will get further understanding of this question, if you still have any questions after reading, you can consult online doctor, or you can also leave a message below.

Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease for people older than 50 years old, which can be caused by many factors. The 8 cm kidney cyst is a very big cyst for patients, which can oppress surrounding kidney tissues and cause kidney damage for patients. When the cyst cause kidney damage, patients can have the symptoms such as blood in urine, protein in urine, swelling, high blood pressure, back pain, etc, and the big 8 cm kidney cyst can also get ruptured easily, which can lead to further damage to kidneys.

Then what do you recommend to do for patients with 8 cm kidney cyst?

1. Keep a well planed diet

Patients need to keep a well planed diet to slow down their progression. They need to avoid the spicy and greasy foods, because these foods will increase the enlargement of the kidney cyst. Besides, they also need to keep a low protein, low salt diet, which will be beneficial for their disease.

2. Avoid strenuous exercises

Kidney cyst patients also need to avoid the strenuous exercises, which can prevent the kidney cyst rupture, then it can protect their kidneys.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The osmotherapy is an external and herbal based treatment, which has the function of removing fluid out form cyst and prevent the secretion of fluid from cyst wall, then it can shrink the kidney cyst and stop the growth of the cyst. In addition, the osmotherapy can also help repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function, then it can make a good prognosis for patients.

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