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Is It Dangerous with 1.5 cm Simple Renal Cyst And High Blood Pressure

2015-09-17 10:48

Is It Dangerous with 1.5 cm Simple Renal Cyst And High Blood PressureIf I was diagnosed with 1.5cm simple renal cyst and high blood pressure, is it dangerous to me? 1.5cm cyst is small, and has no obvious bad effects on patients at present. High blood pressure is very dangerous, which can cause many other problems. We will explain it in detail, and please see the below:

Renal cyst can grow and enlarge by the time gradually, and if it is big enough, other tissues and organs will be affected, causing heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease. Hence, it is necessary to treat kidney cyst by shrinking it or doing a surgery. Long term high blood pressure can damage blood vessels, leading to kidney disease and heart disease. In addition, high blood pressure is recognized as one of two leading causes of kidney disease, and the other is diabetes.

Kidney disease can develop into kidney failure if not managed well in daily life. Kidney failure can not be cured with nowadays advanced medical technology. If kidney failure progresses into stage 5, dialysis or kidney transplant need to be considered for patients to save life. In this situation, heart disease and cardiovascular problems can be serious, which is very life threatening.

For patients with 1.5cm cyst and hypertension, they should find ways to control blood pressure effectively and treat kidney cyst well. Besides, a low salt or no salt diet is necessary. If there is proteinuira, and swelling on patients, low protein and limiting fluids are also needed in daily life. Doing some regular exercise is beneficial for patients. More information or any question, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctors anytime. Reply will be given very fast.

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