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Is 6 cm Kidney Cyst Considered Large

2016-02-20 06:30

Is 6 cm Kidney Cyst Considered LargeI am diagnosed with a kidney cyst, 6 cm, then is it large? What should I do with this 6 cm kidney cyst. Simple kidney cyst is more common to happen on people with aging. Kidney cyst can grow and develop little by little with the time. for 6 cm kidney cyst, it is large for people, which can compress surrounding tissues to cause back pain or blood in urine if not managed effectively. Thus, how to treat it well?

Chinese medicine treatment is the best option, which can inhibit inner cells from secreting cyst fluids, and enhance permeability of cyst walls to make cyst fluids flow out easily. in this way, direct cause of growth of kidney cysts is solved, and kidney cyst can be shrunk very effectively and fundamentally. 6 cm kidney cyst will be treated effectively with Chinese medicine treatment.

Compared with Chinese medicine, surgery and drainage can only shrink cysts for time being, because kidney cysts will reoccur some time later, which is not solve problem from the root. For complex kidney cysts, like PKD, kidney failure may happen if not controlled, Chinese medicine is a good way to help PKD patients avoid kidney failure. What is more, Chinese medicine treatment can improve kidney condition well by promoting blood circulation, expanding blood vessels, preventing inflammation, enhancing immunity and degrading fibrosis. In this way, kidney will have a very good condition to be under repair and recovery gradually.

Chinese medicine is a systematic and herbal treatment, which is the very special treatment inPeking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, and it is an international hospital who has interpreters for English, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, etc. you do not have to worry about communicating and daily life in our hospital. In addition, we have specialized diet for patients from different countries in the world. Any question or help, leave a message or contact our online doctor anytime, reply will be given very soon for you.

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