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What Size of Kidney Cyst Can Cause Kidney Pain

2016-11-04 05:04

What Size of Kidney Cyst Can Cause Kidney PainKidney cyst is a commonly disorder of cyst. It is a caused by the reason of many cystic masses appear in kidneys. patients may suffer form many different kinds of kidney disease such as parapelvic cyst, kidney cyst, PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease), and so on. Because the widely sue of physical examination, B ultrasound, and CT, etc, more and more kidney cysts patients have been diagnosed and the disease has also become a common kidney disease.

Size of cysts is very small in the early stage. Because kidney cyst is a chronically progressive disease, so it is not so incurable in its early stage. Some times, only by B ultrasound or CT scan can they find those cysts that the size less than 1cm. For the seasons, when patients don’t have any symptoms, they do not have to take any treatments or medicines, because they won’t have too much influence to patients’ normal life.

If the cysts begin to grow up, it will increase the pressure to these surrounding kidney intrinsic and tissues. And these will cause some uncomfortable symptoms, such as pain in back, sides and upper abdomen. Many patients are wonder that what is the range of cysts size will cause pain. It may be some differences according to different patients. Usually, when the cyst bigger than 3cm, these uncomfortable symptoms begin to appear.

Patients usually don’t know how their cysts grow so fast. some factors in daily life can make cysts grow fast. Some patients do not find they have kidney cysts at the beginning, and they still live with some unhealthy habit before, it really easy to make cysts get bigger. These enlarged cyst will increase pressure on kidney tissues and make the condition worse. Further more, numbers of cyst can enlarge the kidney and increase the burden on kidney, and then the pan in kidney will be in a long term. For some patients, the feeling can be sharp and unbearable, this may caused by kidney stone or cyst rupture.

No matter you are healthy or illness of kidney. You should pay a full attention to many unimpressive symptoms in daily life. When you have some uncomfortable symptoms, such as pain in back, sides and upper abdomen, please take a test in hospital at the first time. If you want to know more about kidney cyst, please leave a message below or chat with our online doctors.

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