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Kidney Cyst Size

Do you know in which size the kidney cyst will be dangerous for you? Here you can get the answers, and we will help you shrink your big cyst with natural treatment.

Do I Need to Worry With the 4.4 cm Bilateral Renal Cyst

Renal cyst is also called kidney cyst, and it is a common kidney disease for people older than 50 years old. The bilateral renal cyst means there are cysts in both side of the kidne...

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How to Treat the 7.2 cm Cortical Cyst in Kidney

How to treat the 7.2 cm cortical cyst in kidney? Cortical kidney cyst is a common kind of kidney cyst for patients, which means the fluid-filled sac formed in cortical area of kidne...

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Treatment and Diet for 6cm Kidney Cyst

6cm kidney cyst is very large and burst easily. When a cyst in kidney ruptures, many terrible conditions like kidney infection and peritonitis might be caused. Additional, 6cm kidne...

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What Does a 4 cm Cyst Mean on Kidney

Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease for people older than 50 years old, and the cyst refers to fluid-filled sac in kidneys. In most cases, the cyst will not get enlarged. However...

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Is it Serious With 7.2 cm Kidney Cyst

Is it serious with 7.2 cm kidney cyst? Kidney cyst means the fluid-filled sac in kidneys. For most cases, the kidney cyst will cause no symptoms for patients. However, in some other...

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How to Treat 4.8*3.7cm Kidney Cyst Without Surgery

Medical treatment is needed for a 4.8*3.7cm cyst in kidney, because it is large enough to cause back pain and kidney damages. Surgery is a treatment for such a large kidney cyst, bu...

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Will 10cm Cyst in Kidney Cause Blood Urine

Kidney cyst is a fluid collection in kidney. 10cm kidney cyst is almost as large as a kidney. And it is extremely dangerous with such a large cyst in kidney. Back pain is the most c...

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How to Treat the 8 cm Renal Cyst with Chinese Herbal Medicine

How to treat the 8 cm renal cyst with Chinese herbal medicine? This is a question we received from our mail box, pkd-treatment@hotmail.com. In the following article, we will help so...

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Is A 5.6cm Kidney Cyst Serious

Is a 5.6cm kidney cyst serious? A normal kidney is 10-12cm in length, 5-6cm in width and 3-4cm in thickness. 5.6cm kidney cyst is about a half of the size of a normal kidney, which ...

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Can A 7 cm Renal Cyst Cause Back Pain

Can a 7 cm renal cyst cause back pain? This is a question we received from our mail box, pkd-treatment@hotmail.com. In this article, we will help get further understanding on this q...

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