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Do Cysts Cause Other Complications

2015-09-25 01:42

Do Cysts Cause Other ComplicationsDo cysts cause other complications? For this question, it depends on which kind of cyst. In general, simple cyst in kidney can cause no complications on most occasions, while multiple cysts in kidney always lead to many complications in the long term.

As kidney cyst can grow and enlarge by the time gradually, other parts of tissues and organs are very likely to be affected seriously. In this way, back pain always comes up. If kidney cyst grows very large, it is very easy to rupture with outside crashes, in this situation, strong pain can be caused on patients and blood in urine can occur. Kidney infection also may happen sometimes.

In addition, kidney failure may be resulted in. According to statistics, almost 1 in 10 patients with polycystic kidney disease can develop kidney failure in the end. Dialysis and kidney transplant are needed for them in end stage disease. Kidney failure is very harmful and tough for patients, which leads to complications like: high blood pressure, heart disease, cardiovascular problems and bone disease.

Hence, people with multiple cysts should pay high attention to kidney failure in life. Shrinking kidney cysts is the best way to treat kidney cysts, which can prevent damage to other parts of body, kidney failure, liver disease and heart disease.

For patients with simple cyst, they also need to control the size of cyst to prevent growth because cyst can be doubled several years later. Chinese medicine can inhibit cyst cells secreting cyst fluids and enhance permeability of cyst walls. Cyst consists of filled cyst fluids. in this way, cyst fluids can be very easy to flow out. Shrinking kidney cyst very well. Good diet and lifestyle is also needed in life. Any question, be free to leave a message or contact online doctors anytime. Reply will be given very soon.

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