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What Is The Difference between Kidney Cyst and Kidney Stones

2015-12-08 02:49

What Is The Difference between Kidney Cyst and Kidney Stones It is known that kidney stones and kidney cyst can both cause back pain, kidney pain. Thus, many people are confused about the difference between kidney cyst and kidney stones. This time we give you a detailed explanation of this question.

The common symptoms of kidney cyst and kidney stones:

1. pain: back pain, abdomen pain, kidney pain.

2. blood in urine

3. kidney infection, urinary tract infection

4. urination problem

The differences of kidney cyst and kidney stones:

Kidney cyst describes that cysts filled with cyst fluids grow in kidney, and by the time, cysts can rupture if it grows very large. Many cysts like complex kidney cysts can damage kidney, causing kidney failure. Cysts can also lead to kidney stones and UTI, kidney infection.

Kidney stones means that calcium crystals form in kidney, and it can pass down with urine flowing, in this case, little ones can get removed through urine, but large ones will be blocked in urethra, causing pain and blood during urination. Kidney stones can cause kidney infection and UTI if not managed well.

From the above, we can know differences of kidney cyst and kidney stones. If you have pain in kidney place, it is important for you to do some tests in hospital to find the real cause, because kidney failure and kidney cancer also can cause this. If you need any help or have any question, be free to leave a message or contact online doctor anytime. Reply will be given very soon for you in detail.

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