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7.4 cm Kidney Cyst with Back Pain

2015-12-22 14:45

7.4 cm Kidney Cyst with Back PainI have a 7.4 cm kidney cyst and I always have back pain in daily life. What can I do and how is back pain caused? Kidney cyst can grow and enlarge gradually by the time, thus it is important for patients to control cysts with effective treatment.

7.4 cm cyst is very large, and it compress surrounding tissues in abdomen, in this way, back pain is caused for patients. In addition, it is very likely to rupture with outside crashes, which can lead to strong pain and blood in urine.

How to shrink kidney cysts well?

Chinese medicine is a very good choice for shrinking cysts compared with surgery and drainage, because Chinese medicine can shrink cysts by inhibiting cyst from secreting cyst fluids and enhancing cyst walls to let fluids get out. In this way, cysts get shrunk from the root. For surgery of drainage, cysts get shrunk temporarily, and cyst will grow again after some time.

Therefore, Chinese medicine is your good treatment for 7.4 cm kidney cysts, with a well planned diet, good effects can be achieved in the end for patients. If you need more information or have any doubt, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctor anytime, we will reply very soon for you.

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