High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Kidney Cyst Treatment, Kidney Cyst Therapy

Surgery is not the only treatment for Kidney Cyst. Aside from it, you can choose Chinese medicine which can help you shrink kidney cyst without causing pain feeling.

What Home Remedy Can Avoid Kidney Cyst Growing

Patient: I have 1.1 cm cortical cyst. What home remedy can I take to avoid my cyst stop growing. Thanks. Doctor: To stop cyst growing, we recommend the following methods: 1. Garlic ...

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The Best Way To Remove Renal Cortical Cyst in Right Kidney

Patient: Recently, I did a ultrasound and it showed I have a cortical cyst in my right kidney, and it is about 3 cm in size. What should be the best treatment to remove it ti get ri...

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Kidney Cyst, Creatinine 7.4, BUN 167: How to Avoid Dialysis

Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease for people older than 50 years old, which can be caused by many factors. In some cases, the kidney cyst will get enlarged over time, which wil...

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What Chinese Herb Is Good For Cyst in The Kidneys

Chinese herb is well-known by all over the world. In Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we use Chinese herb to treat kidney cyst and other kidney diseases. Well, what Chinese he...

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4.2 cm Cyst on Left Kidney, Stomach Swelling: How to Treat My Disease

Patient: I have a cyst on my left kidney which is 4.2 cm, how dangerous is it? I feel tired and my stomach is swelled, but the doctor didnt give me any treatment for my disease. How...

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Will Emotion And Diet Affect Kidney Cyst

Emotion and diet both affect kidney cyst. Do you know that? Many patients are concerned about the cause of kidney cyst. Which factors are related to kidney cyst? When people are dia...

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How to Treat the 12*10.8 cm Exophytic Cortical Cyst in Right Kidney

Patient: I am diagnosed with exophytic cortical cyst 12*10.8 cm in right kidney. Recently, I vomit once and I have severe pain with the cyst. But the doctor only give me medicines t...

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Is 2.18*3.10 cm Cyst In the Lower Pole of the Left Kidney Delicate

Is 2.18*3.10 cm cyst in the lower pole of the left kidney delicate? Kidney cyst is a common type of kidney disease with fluid-filled sac formed on kidneys, and most of the patients ...

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Is There Any Oral Chinese Medicine That Can Shrink Kidney Cyst

Is there any oral Chinese medicine that can shrink kidney cyst? As we know, kidney cyst is a common kidney disease, which can be caused by many factors. In some cases, the cysts wil...

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What Should I Do With Cysts in Right Kidney And High Blood Pressure

What should I do with cysts in right kidney and high blood pressure? As we know, kidney cyst is a common kidney disease for people with fluid-filled sacs formed on kidneys. In some ...

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Successful cases of PKD

There is no cure for PKD, but believe in us and we can control it well.

Annoyance of The Young Couple

A Good Effect Is Based on A Good Cooperation of Doctors And Patients