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Kidney Cyst Treatment, Kidney Cyst Therapy

Surgery is not the only treatment for Kidney Cyst. Aside from it, you can choose Chinese medicine which can help you shrink kidney cyst without causing pain feeling.

What Should I Have with Kidney Cysts

Kidney Cyst should take care of daily diet, which is helpful for controlling disease well. This time we will introduce what should eat for kidney cyst patients. please see the follo...

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Can Kidney Cyst Be Cured Completely

Can kidney cyst be cured completely? As for the influence and knowledge of kidney cyst, many people think that it is impossible to cure renal cyst completely. In fact, renal cyst ca...

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Chinese Medicine Treatment for 8 cm Kidney Cyst

I have kidney cyst and it is 8 cm now, and the doctor tells me that it will grow gradually by the time if I do not accept surgery for kidney cyst. However, I am so afraid of surgery...

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Can Kidney Cyst Cause Low GFR

Kidney cyst is more and more common for people around the world, especially for those who are over 40 years old. some of kidney cyst patients have low GFR finally, then can kidney c...

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Do Kidney Cysts Get Ruptured

Is it possible for kidney cysts to get ruptured? The answer is yes. Kidney cyst will grow and enlarge by the time, no matter it is simple kidney cyst or complex ones. Rupture of kid...

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7.2 cm Kidney Cyst What Treatment Should I Get

I have a 7.2 cm kidney cyst, and back pain can happen on me sometimes. What treatment should I get? Kidney cyst will grow and enlarge gradually by the time, in this way, it can comp...

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How Can Kidney Cyst Be Cured

How can kidney cyst be cured? Kidney cyst has two categories: simple and complex kidney cysts. Kidney cysts will grow and enlarge gradually by the time. Surgery or drainage is recom...

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Does Complex Kidney Cyst Require Surgery

If I get complex kidney cysts, do I require surgery? This depends on specific conditions of patients, because surgery makes patients at risk of life for complex kidney cysts patient...

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Can Diet Affect Growth of Kidney Cyst

Can diet affect growth of kidney cyst? The answer is yes. A good diet can help slow down growth of kidney cysts, and bad diet will aggravate kidney growth. We will discuss this in d...

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How to Manage 10cm Cortical Kidney Cyst

With 10 cm cortical kidney cyst, how to manage it well? Here we will give you a detailed answer, which can be good for shrinking kidney cyst from the root and effectively. Other tha...

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Successful cases of PKD

There is no cure for PKD, but believe in us and we can control it well.

Annoyance of The Young Couple

A Good Effect Is Based on A Good Cooperation of Doctors And Patients