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What Can I Eat with Kidney Failure

2016-03-12 02:36

What Can I Eat with Kidney Failure Primarily, it is important for kidney failure patients to pay high attention to daily diet. A good planned diet can help control kidney failure very well. What can I eat with kidney failure? Ok, this need to depend on detailed disease condition of patients. You can send your conditions for us by leaving a message or contact our online doctors, and we can set up your diet free of charge. The below are the general principles of kidney failure you can refer to in life.

1. Patients with kidney failure should have a low sodium, or low salt diet in daily life, which can prevent high blood pressure and, alleviate swelling or edema well.

2. Low protein diet is also needed for kidney failure, which can help improve kidney and prevent production of wastes in body.

3. patients should have a low fat and low cholesterol diet in daily life to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease, and these two diseases can happen on kidney failure patients very commonly in life.

4. if there is swelling or edema in body, like legs, ankles, faces, water or fluids need to be limited well strictly.

5. low phosphorus and low potassium are also necessary for kidney failure to remit burdens of kidney. Because phosphorus and potassium can build up in body for kidney failure patients.

A good diet is very helpful for treatment for kidney failure. In addition, patients should also get more vitamins or iron to enhance immunity and alleviate anemia well in life. Fruits and vegetables are very good choices for vitamins. Iron can be developed from iron supplement for patients with kidney failure. If you need any help, or have any question about diet or kidney failure, be free to contact us anytime.

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