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Kidney Failure Patients Should Eat Less Hami melon

2016-12-09 07:00

Kidney Failure Patients Should Eat Less Hami melonIn our daily life, many people are like to eat fruits very much. But for kidney failure patients, even though some fruits are healthy and delicious, they still can not eat whatever they want. Most kidney failure patients only have so less urine that superabundant potassium can not be eliminated out of body, this will cause hyperpotassemia. For these kidney failure patients who are also suffering form hyperpotassemia, should take a low potassium diet. Therefore, some fruits are rich in potassium such as Hami melon.

Hami melon has a nutritive value, but it has too much potassium. Kidney disease patients have a very poor kidney function and its glomerular filtration function can not deal with the needless potassium. If patients eat high potassium foods, it will cause bradycardia or even some other much worse conditions. Thus, kidney failure who have less urine can not eat Hami melon. What’s more, banana is also rich in potassium. According to a test, there is about 283g to 472g potassium in one gram banana. So patients can not eat banana, either.

When kidney failure have only 400ml urine one day, it is oliguria, less than 50 ml, it is anuria. Both these tow situations are not suggested to eat high potassium food. For example, some dry vegetables such as nori, mushroom, dried date, lilium brownii and so on.

If kidney patients have more than 1000ml urine everyday, it means that they recovering well and can eat some high potassium in a reasonable volume, they can also eat Hami melon. No matter their too high or too low for kidney failure patients, they should pay enough attention to it and adjust the volume of potassium they taking.

Diets play a very important role for patients’ illness condition. A proper treatment is also needed. Chinese medicine treatment is very helpful for treating kidney disease. If you have any kidney disease or want to know some kidney health diet suggestions. Please leave a message below or chat with our online doctor. You can also send mail to pkd-treatment@hotmial.com, we will try our best to help you.

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