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Sea Foods And Beer Are Very Easy to Cause Kidney Failure

2016-12-10 07:51

Sea Foods And Beer Are Very Easy to Cause Kidney FailureIn summer, people always like to eat some sea foods and drink some beer. But the tolerance capacity of their body should also be considered while they eating and drinking. Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital made a test about the diet and the result shows that when sea food mixed with beer, plenty of uria acid will be produced and this will increase the burden on kidney. Now let’s see its details.

Sea food is rich in zinc which do much benefits to the metabolism male hormone, and can also prevent prostate getting hypertrophic. Therefore, all the males are like to eat it very much. However, because sea foods are high protein diet, which also have FdUmp and purine. Mixed with beer will produce too much uria acid and even cause uremia.

While we enjoying sea foods, beer is not suggested to drink. However, it is better to eat some ginger and vinegar. Because ginger can help to remove the strange smell of sea foods and kick out some toxins in side of them. With vinegar can help to promote the blood circulation. They can also help to protect our stomach. If we really want to drink beer, it is better to drink some pure water after the meal finished.

Are you shocked by these details? Foods also have so much dangers for our health. Please do not worry too much about it. Caring about our kidney condition and taking some protecting measures, we can still eat sea foods. If you have any kidney disease history, it is better to be very cautious, it may cause many terrible further damages on your disease.

Everyone of us has the rights to enjoy life. However, do not enjoy it at the cost of your health. If you want to know more information about healthy diet or you have any kidney problems. Please leave a message below or chat with our online doctor straightly. You can also send mails to pkd-treatment@hotmail.com, we will give you a timely and warm reply.

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